Just a Little Pep Talk About Tackling that Mountain of Homework…


I look at the clock and it’s 10:33 pm. I think the thought that probably most of my classmates are thinking right now: “I’ve been at this for hours. Why does my homework never seem to end??” I don’t know about you, but most days, there is at least one moment during the long, brain-draining, mind-numbing hours of doing homework where I want to just to flip a table or two. Stack my textbooks in my driveway, and set them on fire. Forget college and settle into a life of raising alpacas in Peru… I can honestly say that school wouldn’t be half as stressful if it actually ended at 3pm. But no, you go home from school to do more schoolwork at home. For all of you who completely stress out over homework, I get it because I’ve been there. But after my usual complaining, I get back to work because I know that it’s gonna take more than a couple incredibly ridiculous and boring assignments to take me down.The same goes for you too! So come on, stop complaining, stop procrastinating, and get it done, because we both know you can. Take your time, let the knowledge sink in, and maybe you’ll even learn something!

– Karen


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