Perfectly Imperfect


Please don’t try to be perfect. Your imperfections are beautiful. Why do people try so hard to create this impeccable image of themselves, when the image that they already reflect is amazing and unique? What is this idea of perfection that consumes the minds of society?  What really is perfection? No one truly knows how to define this word, let alone BE this word. So please, don’t try so hard to be who you aren’t. You can put so much energy, so much effort into making yourself into this perfect character, but in the end, is it really you? Your flaws, your faults, and your mistakes have molded you, made you who you are today. It sounds completely cliche and cheesy, but it’s the truth and you know it. No one wants to befriend plain, boring perfection. Quirky, weird, and awkward people who recognize and accept their flaws are the most approachable. So don’t try to erase these smudges, because imperfection is a thousand times more interesting, more beautiful, more real.

– Karen (credit for the inspiration for this post goes to Kim)


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