Serious Talk: Kill Them With Kindness


It seems that these days kindness is viewed as over-rated or out of date. Although, at times there are acts of kindness that restores my faith in humanity, let’s face it, you just don’t see acts of kindness out in the world as often as we’d all like. I look around and I see judging eyes, smirks, and hear the bitter laugh from people, who I know are making fun of someone. And while the eyes, smirks, and laughs might not be directed to me, or even to someone I know,  they still are being directed to someone. That someone, may be going a rough time, may have family problems, may be insecure, or may even be depressed. You never know what someone is going through. You never know what obstacles a person is facing. Now you might be reading this and thinking, “What does she know about being bullied?” but take it from me when I say I do know what it’s like. I’ve been the butt of jokes, the receiving end of death glares, and heck I’ve even been that girl who cries herself to sleep because she doesn’t know  how people can be so cruel. However, I’m not telling you these things to gain your pity, I’m telling you these things so that maybe you can understand how much it hurts. All the rumors, the jokes, the stare-downs, the pushing around, it is emotionally painful.  You may think that one joke about a person doesn’t do much damage, but you can never know the magnitude of that joke, unless you are the person the joke it about.You also may think that one smile towards a stranger or someone who looks like they are having a bad day, doesn’t mean much, but it does. It can brighten a day and help a person realize that there are people out there who care. It can encourage a person to keep fighting and keep moving forward in life. So here I am asking and begging you to think of what you say or do  and how it might affect someone before you say it or do it. I know it’s not always simple to be considerate of others, but I’m not asking you to be  kind 24/7. I’m asking you to try your absolute best to be the type of person that you are proud of and would want to meet. I am challenging you to give out compliments, to smile at those who look like they need it, and to kill people with kindness.



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