Come at me, Death.

Imagine yourself walking to meet your death, or what might be your death. Your palms start to sweat and you feel like you might pass out, but you still keep going because you have to. In All Quiet on the Western Front, Paul and his comrades must go and fight on the Western front in World War I. Before they reach the front of the battle, they see at least one hundred coffins that are stacked up in an old school house. The coffins remind the soldiers of the harsh reality, that there is a large chance that they may die during the fight. However, the chilling thoughts do not stop Paul and his troops, they simply accept that fact and keep going.


They keep going, much like how Jaime Sullivan from A Walk to Remember keeps living  her life the best she can, even though she knows she has little time left. Jaime realizes that since she has little time left, she should spend it wisely and she shouldn’t dwell on  “what could have been”. She stays strong and with the help of Landon Carter she makes her last moments, her best moments. Jaime does everything she can to continue helping others and she remains to believe in God and his plan for her.

I greatly admire the bravery and strength of  Paul, his comrades, and Jaime. They all face and conquer the idea of death in such a way that makes the concept of dying look like something you should not fear. Although all these characters probably were scared deep inside, they didn’t show it, they masked the fear with faces of determination and  courage. Paul, the soldiers, and Jaime are just like us, except their call to death was much earlier than ours is (hopefully). Everyone faces death, it is something unavoidable. We never know which breath will be our last, so why not make the most out of our lives?  Find something you are passionate about and pursue it because if you have nothing to live for, you will die for nothing.  Paul and his friends lived to protect the ones they love and Jaime lived for love. I live for my family, friends, and for helping people.

Carpe diem, seize the day. Make your life worth living and make it so that when you look back at what you did, what you believed in, and what you stood up for… you are proud of it. Don’t live your life to impress and to please others, you have to live it for yourself. You have to do what you love and what you want to do because you only get one life (yes, Y.O.L.O.) and it would be a waste to not live it for yourself. By saying that you should make the most of your life, I don’t mean go out and do something crazy that you will regret later, I mean do things that will benefit you (and others) and will help you grow as a person. Go out and live your life to the fullest, whether you know when your time will end or not. Life is a beautiful thing, don’t pass it up.



One thought on “Come at me, Death.

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and how you compared the oh-so-fantastic movie, A Walk to Remember, with All Quiet on the Western Front. Genius! I really liked how you tied in how Paul and his comrades new for a fact that they were facing death, but they troughed through the thought of dying and just did what they had to do-fight. I also liked how you tied in “Carpe diem, seize the day.” at the end. All in all, it was a really good read and fabulous post!

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