I just wanted to share this poem with you all because I think it is so true. We all have “masks” in our life to cover up the things we don’t want people to know about, but if we always have our “mask” on, we will never truly be ourselves. Take your “mask” off and embrace yourself and all your “flaws”. Some one out there will accept you “flaws and all” (like the Beyonce song). Being yourself is the best person you can be.



2 thoughts on “Masks

  1. I really love this! Thanks for posting it. I find it completely truth that many people live their lives playing pretend to try and change who they are. They need to just embrace their true identities and be proud of who they are. People look for certain things in others, and when you are hiding things about you, then you might miss out on some really great relationships. Love yourself for everything that you are. ❤

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