The Time We Don’t Have…


“I didn’t have the time.” I think everyone has said this at some point, whether it was because you procrastinated on your homework, or you couldn’t watch your favorite TV show. Everybody realizes that time moves quickly, but no one seriously thinks about this until time has taken away something or someone they deeply care for. You will always remember that special childhood friend who knew you better than you knew yourself, but became distant as you both became older with the passing of each day, each month, each year. There will always be that one regret that gnaws at your soul, that one time something amazing could have happened, but you let that magical opportunity slip away with time. Everyone has at least one memory that they wish they can relive. But WHY is it that everybody has let time bring about such regrets and longing? I don’t believe the reason is that humans are unappreciative to things when they have it, unlike many people. I think that (most) people are intelligent enough to understand that they should be thankful for many things in their life. In my opinion, the reason we allow time to leave behind sadness in our lives is because we are always expecting second chances. We don’t seize the opportunity, the moment when its right in front of us not because we don’t realize it is there, but because we believe it will be there the next time we look for it. What everyone needs to understand and remember (me included) is that NO, it will not be there. So do what you can, when you can, because you probably won’t get that chance again. You may think you have time, but I’m telling  you right now that you don’t. So don’t waste a single second; don’t give that ticking clock the ability and power to leave behind scars and blemishes that you won’t be able to erase from your past. We’ve all been there; we all know that regrets are the one thing that don’t fade with time.



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