Does Your Fingerprint Leave a Mark?

Last week, in my English class we did something that most people wouldn’t usually do in their sophomore English class. We were asked to print out QR codes for our blogs and we went around school posting them for advertisement. Props to my English teacher for the great idea, but that’s not exactly what I wanted to talk about. People come up with great ideas all the time and can really make a difference when they are shown to the world.

There are thousands, actually millions of possibilities out there in the world. You don’t have to be a genius to think of something unique and creative to do in your life. One of my middle school teachers always told my class and me that you’re here for one reason, and that’s to leave your fingerprint on the world. Whether that fingerprint is your pinky or your thumb, do something that stands out. It’s not necessary that the actions have a big impact on the world, but to someone somewhere, it will. I remember last year, I saw a locker with a paper with those tab things that you rip out. It said “For a nice day, take one!” It was really great and put a smile on my face, I’m sure it did for others too. That’s not a unique idea, but it’s a unique action because not many people take time to do it.
One of my first posts was about how I would absolutely love to go around and post sticky notes with positive and nice messages with them around school. Of course, I’m thinking of doing it, it might not be the most original idea, but it’s still a great idea. I think doing something different is what makes a difference. In Mulan, one of my favorite Disney movies, right about when the epic song I’ll Make a Man Out of You starts playing, she reaches to the top of the wooden post with the weights. None of the men could accomplish it, but she could. Why? Because she thought of wrapping the weights around the post to pull her up.  She also took the risk of doing something out of the ordinary, by taking her father’s place in war, and in the end, she was honored by China.

By thinking out of the box, you provide the world with more unique and great ideas as well as accomplish the goals you want to by doing something different. That’s one of the reasons why I love my English class this year. My teacher provides so many different ideas and activities to do in class which are so captivating and make our class so much better than any other English class.
If you think you are a person who has no creativity at all or can’t even come up with something interesting, no worries, you’re just like me. 🙂 I can never come up with anything exciting unless I find it online and put my own twist to it. The point is that whenever you think of doing something, whether it is going out with your friends or an essay, think outside of the box and it will always get you somewhere.

Put your own personal spin on life and leave a fingerprint on this world!


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