We’re All Just Small Details

Today, as a practice SAT writing assignment, I had to write about whether or not I thought it was important to pay attention to small details. My answer was a solid yes. Without small details, a big picture would not exist. This topic was very interesting to me because it made me think about how amazing the little things in life are. If I were having a bad day, all it would take is to turn the day around would be for someone to compliment me or do something nice for me. That simple act of kindness was just a small part of my day, and yet, the impact it had was huge. Just like how you have a huge impact on this world.

You may not believe it, but it’s true. You are significant, each and every one of us  is a little detail that make up this world. You may think that you are just one person, one small detail in this big planet but like I said before, small details are what make up big pictures.  Without us, the world would be missing details that define it. We are just like how eyes, noses, and mouths. Each play a different part, but they all come together to make a face.

You and I contribute different things to this world, but in the end we all are what make the world so special. Even if you don’t go out and do something big, you can do “small things with great love”, just like what Mother Teresa said. That “small thing with great love” will affect someone, and that someone will affect someone else, and thus you will have affected the lives of many. Your simple act can be picking up something that someone has dropped or even smiling at someone when they look sad. The impact of small acts of kindness are endless. You never know what someone is going through so by doing something nice, you could have possibly made their day. You have the potential to change people’s lives for the better. If we all work together to brighten the world, imagine how great it would be. You may not know your purpose in life, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t important. You mere existence may even be significant to someone and may even change someone’s life.

You may think that this world may not notice if you decide that you aren’t worth it, but your family and friends definitely will. The people closest to you will be missing a part of them that you filled. You matter to someone out there and that is what matters. You don’t need to matter to everyone, but only to the few that you are close to. You are the detail of their life. Without you, their lives would change for the worse. So which effect would you rather have on people? For better or for worse? It’s easy to do nice things and make a positive impact, on the other hand, believing that you are insignificant requires you to be sad all the time and that is just not worth it. Never doubt your self worth because you are significant. Without you, the big picture of life would not be complete.

Here’s a music video that demonstrates how small acts of kindness go a long way:


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