Normal is Boring

Normal is boring.
Everyone I knew, and still now, get really offended when people call them weird. I’ve been called weird many times even by my parents.
Would I get offended? Not really.

Should I get offended by someone who is basically complimenting me on my individuality?  Not really.

If everyone was normal, the world would be a dull, gray box like the Pixie world in Fairly Odd Parents.

Why should we stick to doing the norm, when doing other things are so much better?  In English class today, we did something new and unheard of by me.
We sat in groups of four and were given instructions. We were told that we all got different instructions, but in reality, we didn’t. We were supposed to write a story about a specific character that was ours and then when time was up, we were supposed to pass our story to the person next to us. The person was to incorporate their own character in the story. We received extra credit if we either, killed off other characters without your character dying in another story, or keeping all the characters alive in each story. We switched stories 3 times, so we never got ours back.
The next day, we got our stories back. Everyone wanted to see how theirs turned out. Of course, being teenagers, we all ended up killing off everyone in the stories. So no extra credit for any of us (except me because I didn’t die in any of the stories).
Ever story had their own plot and mood, and a lot of us found it difficult to incorporate our characters into each other’s stories. It was fun, but challenging. At the end, our stories were the craziest things ever, but that’s what made them so awesome.

The point is, DO WEIRD THINGS. Do new things! Just do something that’s not normal! Do you want to live like a pixie? I don’t think so. Our stories were probably much better than what we would’ve written because things that we wouldn’t have ever thought of were incorporated into them.
It doesn’t hurt to try new things, in fact most of the time, it just makes it a lot better. You’ll never know until you try.
Doing anything normally isn’t fun. It’s boring and so repetitive. This pretty much goes for anything you do, whether its on paper or in real life, try new and crazy things and you’ll be surprised at what you find.

I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t want to be obsessed over perfection in every single thing. I want to do and make things that are new and unique. Sometimes it can bring a whole new perspective to life.



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