Summer is Here!

Hello folks! Summer is here, and that means it’s time to bust out the shorts and sunscreen! Summer is one of my favorite seasons (spring being my favorite) and I am so excited to get out of school, so I can fully enjoy it! From the warm sun (in Cali anyway) to the cute outfits, what’s there not to like about summer? Despite how hot it may get sometimes, I think that summer is the perfect time for you to go out and do something fun and spontaneous! I encourage you all to find something you haven’t done before and do it. Go on an adventure with friends, volunteer somewhere you would enjoy spending time at, read more, the list of things you can do is endless. To all the students out there, I hope you all take some of your free time to really enjoy yourself and have a good time (but don’t do anything too crazy now). For all those who still have to work and/or go to school throughout the summer, I hope you still find ways to enjoy yourself! Until next time, my friends!



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