Family Gave Them Strenth

In the book Night by Ellie Wieser, there were many instances that advocated the importance of family. In one of my very early posts I talked about how family was an ohana and how it was important to have one.  The same idea shows up in this book. In one of the scenes, Ellie and his dad were separated from his mother and sister and they really showed a lot of concern. Many of the other prisoners in these concentration camps were always worried about whether their families were being burnt or whether they were safe. The situation at the time was horrible, but knowing that their family is safe would help reassure them a bit. I found an article ( that gave many examples of how family was important to them. Since the Jews living in Germany were stripped of all their possessions, the only things they ad were themselves. Holding on to their family gave them a sense of security and once they were separated, the times would get worse.
Being thankful for a family of any sort is always a major priority of mine. Many people in this world aren’t blessed with having a loving family so take whatever chance you have to thank them.



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