There’s Always People That Are Worse Off Than You.

start your day with a smile

This week was finals week for me, and it was definitely one of the hardest and most stressful weeks of the school year. However, writing this blog post has made me reconsider how fortunate I am to even be able to go to school. The novel Night, by Elie Wiesel, woke me up and made me feel so much more grateful for everything that I’m so blessed to have. Eliezer’s life dramatically changed when he first stepped foot into the concentration camp. Everyday after that, he endured so much violence and abuse for just being a Jew. It made me think about the racial segregation in today’s society. Even though there are many people who are more accepting these days, there is still a handful of people that still discriminate against people for their race or religion. It’s definitely really unfair to them, because they can’t change who they are. In history class, we watched the movie Hotel Rwanda. It’s about the Rwandan Genocide, which refers to the slaughtering of the Tutsi tribe in 1994. There was one scene where a Hutu was about to kill an innocent little girl and she said “Please don’t kill me. I promise I won’t be Tutsi anymore.” It was heartbreaking to hear that, because she was so ashamed to be her true self. So the next time that you are having a bad day, don’t be too down about it, because there are always people that are worse off than you.

This is an article that talks about the Rwandan Genocide 



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