The SAT: It’s really just a test

This summer, I have been taking classes to prepare myself for the SAT I am about to take in October. I know many of my fellow up-coming juniors are going through the same thing as I am, poring over SAT review books and spending hours taking practice tests. I really just wanted to remind you all: don’t forget to breathe.

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There seems to be so much pressure and commotion surrounding the SAT; parents, teachers, and counselors are constantly telling college-bound students that in order to get into college and be successful, one has to get this score or that score. Students hear this, and suddenly their minds become plagued with the idea that their entire future depends on their SAT score. Well, I don’t know about you, but that mindset just sounds a bit extreme, doesn’t it?

I am reminding myself as much as I am reminding others when I say this. Sometimes, I find myself forgetting that I am just preparing for a test; my life will not go up in flames if I do not do as well as I hope. I am not saying that studying and scoring well is not at all important, but I feel like this test causes a lot of  unnecessary stress in students. In addition, I have noticed that many of my friends as well as my SAT classmates get very upset when they do not do well in practice tests and such; they tell me that they feel stupid and bound to fail. I have to keep reassuring them that they are incredibly intelligent and will be absolutely fine. I completely believe this, too.  However, I know that because the SAT seems to be such a big deal, it’s hard not feel anxious before the test, or disappointed after the test, etc. I do not deny that this test also stresses me out quite a bit at times.


I do realize that every other student out there who is taking the test with me is technically competition, because we might all ending up wanting the same spots in colleges and universities. I also realize, though, that we are all really in this together; we all have to take this SAT and try our best. Therefore, I just wanted to say a few words of motivation to everyone who is tearing their hair out as they correct a practice test or feeling sad because of their most recent score on the actual SAT: Your world will not come crashing down if you do not score a 2400 on your SAT. Remember to breathe, and relax. Put down that review book for just a second, and tell yourself that you will do marvelously. Feel free to ignore me if you like,  but I’m just trying to remind you that at the end of the day, it’s really just a test.

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One thought on “The SAT: It’s really just a test

  1. Don’t forget: 1. You can take the test more than once 2. Pay for the advanced scoring report so you can focus your studies on your re-take 3. Try taking the ACT 4. You’re going to CRUSH this test. 🙂

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