Messages to Us! : Movies to Watch

Hey readers! So I’ve personally totally disregarded all messages that were sent to us and I am really sorry about that. I had completely forgotten we even had an ask box. Anyways, we’ve been getting positive feed back which is always a good thing, so thank you for that!

We’re always talking about how certain things relate to us in life so feel free to go to the “Ask/Submit Something” tab and ask us about certain things which we will post about. (I’ll check this time, I promise)

So It was about a month back, but someone did ask for 3 movies they could watch in summer. They had to be movies they could watch with their kids. So I feel really bad about not answering it, so I will now. I’m just gonna go ahead and recommend a bunch of movies:

I know many people don’t like watching animated films, but some of those are really great. So recently, Monsters University came out. If you’ve seen the first movie, the second one is a blast. It brought back childhood memories and hopefully if you show your kid the first one and the second one, it’ll create memories for them. You can never go wrong with Disney/Pixar animated movies.

When I think Summer, I like to watch comedic movies. Summer’s just a fun time and I feel like I’m obligated to watch them. There are many classic that you could watch that I watched when I was younger (and I can’t remember most of them so just bear with what I remember). I really liked Silver Linings Playbook. I don’t remember if it is age appropriate for younger ages but its one of the movies I really love. The Parent Trap was one of my all time favorites as a kid too. And let me see …..OH! Okay so this is an animated one and fits into the category I just did before, but I just remembered it and it’s a great movie. If you haven’t seen Atlantis: The Lost Empire, I pity you. It’s one of my all time favorite animations about adventure and it’s wonderful.

Two Words: Harry. Potter. Read the books, watch the movies. I could live the summer watching those movies. Those books/movies are literally my childhood. I love them and am now emotionally attached to them. It’s got a bit of action, comedy, and they’re just brilliant. The first 4 movies have more of a warm, cozy feeling to them and the the last 4 have a darker feeling but I recommend them all.

I might be listing too many movies, but all of the movies I listed aren’t the greatest of all time. They’re just movies that I remember at the moment. Also, if you’re into comedy and action. Watch the Iron Man Trilogy and The Avengers. Before you watch the Avengers though, you might want to watch the Captain America movie, and the Thor Movie. You can never go wrong with any superhero movies either! Man of Steel was a great new movie that came out recently.

Anyways, I hope I helped in some sort of way and I apologize again for the extremely late timing. 🙂



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