Everything is an Argument

One of the main things that I will take this year from my AP English 3 class is that “Everything is an Argument.” Even by saying so, I myself, am making that argument about everything being an argument. Do you follow? Well as complicated as that might sound, it’s really not.


I think its an ingenious concept, in that it provides the average onlooker with a sense of perspective from each and every point of view. Basically all it is saying is that anything, whether it is this blog post or the chair you are sitting in right now, makes an argument for itself.


To give you an example, what does that chair argue, you might ask? Well for one, it argues that you are uncomfortable standing up and that it offers a much more comfortable and pleasing way of life, rather than that of one who stands. It is saying that sitting is better, not only for your level of comfort but for your level of prosperity, in that it was help to get important things done. I could go on and on about how that chair is making an argument for itself but then I would be deprecating you of your opportunity to do it yourself and analyze what that chair is saying and what its relevance is. Everything is and will remain an argument. Now go beyond the papers and the essays and discover each and every argument presented to you by your surroundings every single day, and you might learn something you never knew before. Be one with the argument.




One thought on “Everything is an Argument

  1. Very interesting insight! I love the way your writing flows. It’s straightforward, and easy to understand while making a bold claim about everything being an argument. It’s actually pretty interesting to think of life in that way! I think it’s also important to note that arguments don’t always have to be the kind where people are yelling at each other, as your pictures portray, though that is one type. There are many types! Anyways, I enjoyed reading your post. Have an arguable day and happy blogging~

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