Everything is a Re:Mix – Become a DJ of your writing

Hello everyone!  For my first blog post with the Just Keep Swimming group, I want to talk about our AP English 3’s blogging concept “Re:Mixed”.  Everything is a remix.  EVERYTHING.  From the way we think to the way we operate and make decisions in our everyday lives.  It is common nature to be influenced by other people and to absorb all of their beliefs and information.  As a result, if compared to DJ’s, we as human beings are always “sampling” others to use it in our own “mix”.  Our own “mix” thus solidifies and forms into our own opinions  with the help of outside knowledge.


Coming in, I simply thought that Re:Mixed was just a knock-off version of last year’s blogging concept of Mr. Theriault, Re:Framed.  But I slowly began to realize that although it has its similarities, the two are extremely distinctive and independent in their own way.  Re:Mixed, in its own way, really gets the student to not only read and write in a different, “Re:Framed”, perspective but to also read and write in a way where you can infuse and incorporate all of the different styles of literature that has been previously read before.  Ultimately, a diverse “remix” would ignite the best potential out of a student.

disney dj

     Now the task of our blog in class this year is to learn how to remix and sample other pieces of writing without copying and plagiarizing.  Sounds hard right?   Not at all my friend!  If you want to become a master DJ of reading and writing, you must be able to understand one thing and this one thing only: you are not copying and pasting information.  I mean, in a way, you actually ARE copying and pasting.  You are simply copying and pasting the styles of writing and the different methods used by a certain author.  You are extracting knowledge, not exact words.


So be sure to step out of your comfort zone!   Although it is easier said than done, set out to do the things that you want to do not only as a writer, but as an individual person.  Are you ready to be a DJ?  Get ready for this year fellow bloggers!

–  Nick

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