Going Seed Shopping

In English class, we get to do this cool project called The DIY Project; in which we, the students, are able to take our interests and passions and channel it into something creative. Our project can be anything we want it to be and the whole point of the project is for us to learn by connecting with what we like to do. Since our goal is to go from seed to feed, we have to go seed shopping first and foremost because of course we can’t make something without planning it out first. I think planning is the most important part of a project because it is the base in which we build off of and the foundation to which we need in order to keep the project stable. The whole idea of “seed shopping” (which is really just thinking about ideas) interests me because every day people come up with great things and it is amazing how these ideas come to be. Where do people get their ideas? Where is their motivation stemmed from? Personally, my ideas are reflected off anything and everything I see. I get inspired by people in the news who conquer their fears, things I see on social media sites, or even topics that my friends and family and I discuss.

Since ideas can sprout from just about anywhere, I was very curious to see where artists get their song ideas from, more specifically Ella Yelich-O’Connor, more commonly known as Lorde. Ella is a sixteen year old singer and song-writer from New Zealand whose music is captivating and unique. Upon hearing her new album, Pure Heroine (which has nothing to do with the drug heroine), I was intrigued to find out what exactly inspires her songs. While researching her and her motivations, I found an interview with Lorde discussing how she was encouraged to write her songs about her everyday life and how she was wanted to write about normal life. Unlike many artists, Lorde does not sing about the high life and the perks of fame, instead she sings about an average life and topics that many people can relate to. She expresses her thoughts about why it was important to relay the idea that not everything in life has to be so exciting and fast-pace all the time, in fact she states that we spend most of our time waiting for something to happen to us and that is okay. All in all, Lorde’s ideas for songs stem from what she thinks is important to voice and I believe that it is the same with anything anyone does.

From all my research, I came to one conclusion about where people get their ideas from: Our ideas come from what we think we should do; things we think the world needs more of.  Our ideas are based off of what we think will make the world a better place, because after all, we are all just trying to make the world a brighter place, after all.

Here is the interview if anyone would like to read it!


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