Loneliness is OK

In class we read  The Box Man by Barbara Lazear Ascher which was a mysterious and heart-felt short story about loneliness. Typically loneliness is associated with sadness and is something many people try to avoid. However, this story described how it was okay to be alone and how someone could be perfectly content with being alone. In the story, the box man went around alone  at night collected boxes, yet he was not saddened by it, in fact he “welcome(d) the night, open(ed) to it like a lover”. He chose to be lonely and “knows that loneliness chosen loses its sting and claims no victims”. Being lonely doesn’t always have to be a bad thing, it actually can be a quite good thing.

I think that being lonely doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t have anyone to talk to or hang out with, it means you take time for yourself and reflect on your life. You bask in the silence and you think about what you can do better and what you need to improve on. It is as if it is a moment to meditate. I look forward to moments when I get to be alone because in those moments I get to really focus on myself. I don’t view being lonely as sad or as something to be ashamed of because at the end of the day, this life is my life and and it my “voyage”. Sure there are going to be people who help me out along the way, but I am solely in charge of what happens. I am in charge of my happiness, my attitude, and my perceptive on life. I ALONE decide how to live my life, even though I may have outside forces influencing me. Don’t be afraid of loneliness, it can lead to great things.



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