Is patience even important?


Have you ever thought, “Hey, that person is really patient!” after getting to know someone? Not really, because it’s not a trait a lot of people look to compliment. It’s something that’s really underrated as an important quality in people. Personally, I give a lot of credit to patient people because I’m not at all. It’s actually pretty hard to be patient especially because everyone nowadays is really demanding and expects everything quickly and in the best quality.

If you went to a restaurant and they forgot your order and it would take 15 minutes extra, would you get angry? I think most people would. What would happen if you waited those extra 15 minutes? I mean if you think about it, people make mistakes and yes, sometimes it affects you but is it necessary to get worked up about it?  I think people underestimate the ability to be patient.

In my own definition, being patient is the ability to accept that people will make mistakes and that life will never be perfect. I think a very few amount of the human population is willing to accept that. We respond to other people’s mistakes with anger and frustration and forget that they are like everyone else in this world, incapable of doing every single thing perfectly.

This topic has sort of wandered through my mind recently and I just felt like it needed to be brought to people’s attention. Yes, the time we have in our life is very limited because we don’t know when we are going to die and people want to rush through it. However, I think the best things in life come through patience. When a baby is born, it takes 9 months of patience but in the end, it’s worth it. You go through school your entire life so you can work doing the thing you love the most (unless you’re forced to do something you don’t appreciate then I’m really sorry but be positive!). 

Patience requires a lot of effort and good character and for the patient people out there, I salute you because I have no idea how you do it. I can honestly say that I respect people with patience so much because it’s hard to accept the mistakes of others especially when it can lead to misfortune in yours. 

So is patience important? YES. If we can’t accept our own mistakes, who will? Without even the little bit of patience, everyone would just be filled with frustration and anger with each other and there would be no sense of cooperation. We have to accept the flaws of ourselves as well as others. Don’t expect people to do everything, if you can’t. 

Practice may make perfect, but patience is knowing that’s not possible.



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