“Wreck” the Barrier

High school is tough, let me tell you. But aside from the fact that there are grades, homework, and a bunch of other things that no one really enjoys, there has to be drama. It’s a package deal. If you go high school, it’s inevitable that in some point in your high school career you will run into it. Sorry, but that’s just the way it works. What sparks this drama in the first place you might ask? Well if you ask me, I’d say that it all starts with the labels. Labels are the reason that people feel insecure and they are the reason why certain kids feel as if they are “cooler” than others or feel as if they dominate the rest of the student body. You have the “cool” kids , the nerds, the gamers, the slackers. I mean the list could go on and on, but its these labels and this cliques that bring about tensions between students. Some feel as if they are superior to others and some feel as if they aren’t “good enough” to hang out with other people. As cliché as this whole high school scenario may seem, it is absolutely 100% real and I see this separation of groups everyday. I’m sorry to say that at the rate this is keeping up, I don’t see how this method of segregation can or will be demolished any time soon.

But hey, we can sure as heck try to end it, can’t we? If just one person could change the way that they viewed others and learned not to care what other people thought about himself or herself, then we could make that change little by little. United, (although it will take time)  we can alleviate the drama of high school and make it that much easier if we all were to “Wreck” the Barriers. That one shy kid that sits alone at lunch should be welcomed to sit with the cool kids. That one varsity basketball player should spend his time studying with one of the AP students. Now I’m not saying that this doesn’t already happen, because it does, but if more and more people could wreck this barrier and wreck these labels, then high school will become a much greater experience for everyone.

Wreck It Ralph with Felix

Rivalries and segregation are immature and only suppress the greater good of both parties. Take time to look at this barrier and in time, “We’re gonna wreck it!” Don’t let the labels define you!




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