Infinite Limits

I’m sure plenty of other students in my AP English class have talked about the “DIY” or “Do-It-Yourself” project.  They have probably covered all of its bases and discussed how it expresses freedom or how it has no boundaries.  But for me?  This is different.  It’s a project to finally show who I am as an individual.  Many times in these past few years of high school have proved to me that I’m not the most intelligent student nor am I the worst student.  I’m just there.  I’m in AP and Honors classes, I’m a hard-worker, but I simply consider myself to be the Average Joe.  But, this DIY Project?  This has shed a new light towards me.  I am finally given the opportunity to show my teacher who “Nick” really is.  A test or a piece of paper with multiple choices won’t define who I am.  This project truly exceeds the branches that entangle me from earning a good grade in my respective class.  This breaks the walls.  Past the walls is an area unknown to me and a place that I have never been to before.  The only thing that will be heard will be my voice and the only thing to be accepted are my actions.


This project just isn’t for my AP English 3 class.  It’s also a precedent that challenges all of you to not necessarily forget about your schoolwork and grades, but to just remember to stay yourself and remember that you are you at the end of all of this.  A grade will not change who you are as a person and will definitely not change your life as much as you think it will.  Break these limits.
– Nick


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