Two Different Worlds

It’s been a normal night.  Studying non-stop after being at school from 8 AM to approximately 5 PM.  I’m probably going to stay up until 12 or 1 AM trying to cram and get all my homework done.  I’m probably going to make myself a cup of coffee although I know it stunts my growth and that it’ll just mess me up.  All in the name of good grades.  For those of you who understand, it’s tough isn’t it?  Although we’re always absorbed into school work, just remember to appreciate the other things in life and to not forget about it.


Just recently my AP U.S. History teacher asked to see a raise of hands of who has not been to a football game yet.  Roughly 1/3 of the class lifted their hands slowly.  He then proceeded to reiterate the fact that the good times you remember in high school aren’t the times you study or stay inside your room all day.  It’s the times where you actually make memories with the good friends you have by going out to the high school football games, or experiencing new adventure with those you really care about.  Have your first kiss (if you’re not that far have your first hug), eat 5 hot dogs in one sitting, make a bet with your friends, seize opportunities when they reveal themselves.  Don’t be afraid to live a little day by day even though school is important.  Go outside, see the world that YOU want to see.

125-carpet ride

– Nick




p.s.  Yes, my blog posts may be one-dimensional in the sense that I always talk about school and to kick-back a little but this is important to me; being a student who has these kinds of questions all the time.


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