A Rainbow Connection

A classic show (and movie(s)) that is very dear to my heart is none other than, The Muppets and I relish the opportunity to write about them. I mean who doesn’t love a bunch of cuddly-looking puppets that sing and crack jokes? Each and every one of these Muppets are unique and bring about different personalities that almost everyone who watches can relate to. If that doesn’t sound appealing then I don’t know what does… But after watching countless episodes and movies as a kid, I slowly felt as if I was a Muppet myself (as lame as that sounds) and all the struggles and conflicts that they overtook I carried over to my life and applied them to similar situations.

The biggest example is high school. The entire high school experience is an adventure. It’s one looooong road trip that Fozzie and Kermit would jump right into if they had the chance. Movin’ right along, they take on new challenges as if they were nothing. With their friends by their sides they can accomplish even the most difficult of tasks. They are confident enough in themselves to know that even if they do something wrong, (like get lost) then they can always discover new ways of doing things to help them accomplish their goal and they make sure to never give up. They are some determined puppets and very charismatic. They would make great high school students, don’t you think? Aside from the fact that they would be singing all the time and annoying the teacher with there corny jokes, you have to Bear with me here and learn how to Kermit to achieving success like them. *sensible chuckle*

Another way that I found myself relating with the Muppets when it came to high school was through the character known as Gonzo. Now it wasn’t until they came out with the “Muppets in Space” movie, that we finally understood what the heck Gonzo was. (We know now that he is an alien) Prior to that movie, Gonzo was severely self-conscious about himself and he never understood what his purpose was. It wasn’t until he realized that he had been with his family all along, the Muppets. He grew from that moment of enlightenment and became confident in who he was which is exactly how it played out for me coming in as a freshman. I was scared and didn’t know anyone. That was until I joined the basketball team and learned that I wasn’t alone. I had friends; I had family. From then on I was confident in myself and could do things I normally wouldn’t have done if I was the old, little, scared insecure me.


And finally, one of the last connections that I can make between me and the Muppets is expressed in the song known as the “Rainbow Connection.” What better way to make a connection than with a song about connections right? This song, sung by Kermit, is a woeful song about how Kermit wishes to find dreamers and lovers like him but how it almost seems as if its an illusion and impossible to find. As sadistic as that sounds, he knows that those people are there no matter how hard he must look to find them. He says that he won’t find them and should not even try in the first place, but in the context of the song, you can understand that beneath the words, he is really vying to find these dreamers like him. He is positive that he will. Likewise, I aim to find those like me. The dreamers, those that have the same aspirations as me. The lovers, those who I can truly say I care for and those who care. And me, who I am still searching for (and will be for quite some time) in order to clarify my identity.

“Someday we’ll find it. The Rainbow Connection.”



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