How often do you get to do what you love?

I saw this video recently, and I absolutely loved it. This little girl, Heaven, is obviously having the time of her life out there. At such a young age, she was able to discover her passion for dancing, which evidently helps her dance incredibly well. (Seriously, she’s three years-old and she can dance better than I can.) What’s even greater is the fact that she is given this opportunity to dance on Ellen’s show, a chance to do what she loves.

I think I really liked this video of this adorable dancing little girl because I can relate to her, in a way. Even though I am not on TV or becoming an internet sensation, I feel as though I am in a position quite similar to Heaven’s. In English class, the DIY project is meant to allow everyone a chance to explore individual passions and interests. For my project (which I will describe in greater detail in my progress updates), I am able to incorporate some journalism and video production skills, two of my favorite things in the world. My friend, who loves to travel is using her DIY project to help her fund-raise for a trip next summer. I know someone else who is incorporating her passion for art and drawing into her project. This is truly a wonderful assignment, because everyone gets a chance to pursue their areas of interest and do what they truly enjoy doing, which I know is not an opportunity that many are lucky enough to come across.

– Karen



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