Adapt and Overcome


In life, things don’t always go our way, we must alter our plans and overcome the obstacles we are faced with. Don’t give up, there is always a way to conquer our challenges. Please never give up just because of the difficulties you face because it you keep trying, I promise that you will get through it. If you conquer your challenges and adapt to the curve balls that life throws you, you can overcome anything. The challenges may bring you pain and suffering, but it gets better. You can do it. Adapt and overcome.

Recently, I’ve been having problems in English class with the DIY project, I wanted the project to be a major success, but getting it started was a really difficult process. What camera would be use? Is there any legal work we have to do? Where would be film? Would people open up to us? These were all some of the curve balls I faced that came with this seemingly great idea. With my group we were able to dissect each of these problems and come up with solutions. All it takes is patience and teamwork. We didn’t abort the idea just because there were complications. If I disregarded an idea every time I came across problems, I would never have a project. Sure, it was a tedious task of planning all the nitty-gritty kinks of our project out, but we did it. You can handle any curve ball thrown your way if you are patient and willing to adapt to the problem you are faced with.



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