Everything is an argument

Since the very first day of class, my English teacher has been repeating the same phrase over and over. I feel like he’s said it so many times, the words have been carved into my brain. Even as I am writing about it now, I hear his voice saying it in my mind:

“Everything is an argument.”

Over the Thanksgiving break, I was able to visit Zion National Park. Surrounded by all that nature, this sentence popped right back into my head, even though I was hundreds of miles away from my English classroom. Even though it was practically silent, I could really hear the argument that nature is making. Or one of the arguments, because I am sure that there are many. To me, standing there next to a beautiful river  in a beautiful canyon, surrounded by beautiful trees, nature was really challenging me to walk away and leave it all behind. To go back home and be surrounded by the same four walls, to sit with my face glued to a computer screen.

Everything is an argument, and some of them are easier to recognize than others. During Thanksgiving break, I was given the chance to hear nature’s argument loud and clear. And it was beautiful.


These are some photos I took at Zion National Park.

– Karen


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