Idea FM: Remixing the Remix

As Nick has pointed out earlier in a post not too long ago, “Everything is a Remix.” To recap,  it means that everything around us is used to make us who we are as people and essentially influence how we act. This concept is one of the most important things we have learned in our AP English 3 class so far. So I figured, why not Remix the remix?


Just recently in class, we had been assigned what is known as the “DIY project,” which is a project in which the student is given the freedom to create whatever they desire as long as it fills a need or has a certain purpose. Well back to what I was saying: why not remix the remix? Since everything is a remix in the first place, why not use that remix and influence of what’s around me, as a high school student, to create songs about my life? Now I’m not going to go on and say that I’m this amazing song producer and that my songs are all original and the best songs out there. Psh, I’m not even close. But I figured, why not keep on using this concept of remixing and create remixes of current popular songs themselves? Okay so let me clear this up for you. My project will be to parody (or remix) popular rap songs put out by popular artists (i.e. Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, B.O.B, etc…) in order to express myself and rap about my life as a high school student and to teach others who are listening to my songs, how to successfully live the life of an ordinary high school student. I feel if these songs are already popular songs, then it will make it easier for everyone listening to relate to my message. Each of my songs on my album will contain a different message and will each be outlets for my trials and tribulations. High school is tough. I just want to make it easier. tumblr_min177ymJM1rpc1rco1_500

How might I do this? Well, the hardest part is going to be advertising my music to the public in the first place. Of course, I’ll share my album with friends and post it on Facebook, Instagram, etc… but to reaching out to a wider audience will be the only problem. The issue will quite possibly be resolved in time, but we will never know until it happens. The overall process of completing it should be relatively simple. First, it’s obvious that I need to write my songs down on paper. Using ideas that I’ve picked up over the years throughout my high school career thus far and applying them to the correct songs in order to create a perfect match is a process that takes a couple hours. Once I have that done, it’s easy for me to actually write down creative lyrics and flow with the song. After that, it becomes necessary to actually record my songs. Using state of the art equipment, (an app on my phone) I can record whatever I want, along with the song. The final step is the dreaded advertisement. I’m going to try and use Facebook to promote, by creating a fan page and I will also be putting my songs up on Youtube. From there, it’s just a matter of how well the people are going to like my music. Until then, this is my DIY project: Remixing the Remix.



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