Before I Graduate: Progress 1

So far I have been able to create a Facebook page as well as a twitter for my DIY Project, Before I Graduate.  I have 161 likes on my Facebook page so far but not so many followers on Twitter.  To get more followers on Twitter, I’m going to have to get more active .  My project has much preparation to do and the goals that I want to accomplish must be planned ahead.  I researched if there are any restrictions to street performing in Santa Monica or Los Angeles.  Los Angeles doesn’t have any tight rules on street performing and it is legal.  Santa Monica is different though.  I need to apply for a Street Performer’s Permit that I can only turn in, in person and since I’m 16 my parents need to sign it and be present with me.  Also, the permit costs $37.  So, I think Los Angeles would be better.  I’ve decided to play at The Grove, during winter break.  On the weekend, I will go to the gym and try to make 50 free throws in a row.  I’ll be there for a long time.  I’m telling my mom about the surprise party for my Dad and she’s super excited!  She has a phone book full of people who she will invite and so I’ve got that covered.

– Nick


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