Before I Graduate: Progress 2

So far, I’m going to be real, I haven’t really accomplished any of my ten goals.  Time is probably the biggest issue.  In addition, some of these goals HAVE to be on a certain date (birthday surprise, flash mob, wedding crash, etc.).   So the only thing I can really do is plan EVERYTHING so that I have everything ready to go when I do these goals.  The things that I could do at any time is to run Mile Square Park, give a homeless man a makeover, and make my whole family food.  But, so far my research is going along well.  When I’m in LA to street perform, after I could go visit a haunted place.  There are many haunted/abandoned sites in Los Angeles that I could easily visit.  I’m planning to go with my sister, an adult, and multiple friends to make the experience merrier.  I’ll talk to Dance team as well as the ASB committee members tomorrow for the Pack the Gym Dance to coordinate a flash mob dance to promote that.  Also, I have recently gotten back in touch with an old friend who moved to Yakima, Washington.  He’s not having the best time there and he’s extremely home-sick.  I was thinking of visiting him during winter break.  I know it’s a reach and it’s extremely difficult, but it would be so amazing and such a surprise to him.  I changed my goal from “try to meet a celebrity” to this goal because I feel like this goal is a lot more meaningful to me.  If I can’t visit him, I’ll send him a surprise care-package!  I also need to go to the church office at Holy Spirit Catholic Church to see when there are any close weddings.  I don’t plan on attending the mass.  I actually should though if I want to fit in.  I plan on going to the reception/dinner to crash with my friend, Sy.  If anything, being a teen/child will make us fit in even more because we can just say “Oh my mom’s here.”


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