Before I Graduate

Sometimes, we forget that high school is not all about grades.  Although they are extremely important, you still need to think about yourself and the memories you want to create in your teen years.  Consequently, for my DIY project in AP English 3, I’ve decided to do the Top Things that I want to do before I graduate.  If you have ever seen the old MTV show called “The Buried Life,”  it’s somewhat like this.  If you haven’t, The Buried Life is about a group of guys in their 20’s that are traveling across the nation to do the things off their bucket list, aka the things that they want to do before they die.  In the process, they help a person turn their life around or help them cross something off of their bucket list.

I’ve created a list of around ten things that I want to do before I graduate.  Unlike The Buried Life crew, I’m not an adult yet and I am still considered a minor.  I thus can’t do the crazy or the largest goals possible like what they did.  As a result, my list contains of practical, simple, but also meaningful things that I want to do before the last bell rings at high school.  Success or not, as long as I have fun and make memories doing it will be my ultimate goal.

1.  Street perform and make $100

2.  Surprise my old friend in Washington

3.  Make 50 free throws in a row

4.  Win a radio contest

5.  Sleep/visit a haunted house

6.  Make food for my whole family

7.  Train to run Mile Square Park

8.  Give a homeless man a makeover

9.  Throw a surprise party for my Dad

10.  Create a flash mob


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