Idea FM: Progress Makes Perfect

Moving forward in my journey to Remix the Remix, I’ve been making progress beyond belief. In the music business nowadays, practice doesn’t really seem to make perfect anymore, as shown by most of these rappers and singers now, who only sing and rap about partying and Booty. (and as far as I can tell, some aren’t doing a very good job with it) Today’s music is pretty bad if you think about it but everybody seems to love it. You throw some repetitive meaningless lyrics onto a good beat with some other famous artist and -boom- you’ve got yourself a Billboard Top 100 song. I’m not complaining because frankly, I eat this this stuff up. Sadly, I really enjoy this kind of music, just because there is so much of it and it’s so catchy! I hate that I love it but there isn’t anything I can do about it. But back to the point. There is so much of this music nowadays being played on the radio and being gratified by other artists and everyone who listens to it. So going back to the title; it isn’t practice that makes perfect, it’s progress. If you can get people to like your stuff then you’ve got it in the bag whether it’s good or not. However, in my case, I’d like to think that my lyrics and message are a bit more meaningful than the amount of chains you have or Booty. tumblr_mfhx8aQ7TA1qcwgrvo1_500

From the beginning I planned to accomplish finalizing and recording a song or two every two weeks and so far I’ve been able to do so. Another goal of mine is to make sure that this gets out there and have other people know my name. (as cheesy as that sounds)And again, as I’ve been putting some of the music I’ve put together in the past down onto Facebook and Youtube, I have boosted my popularity in the process. People seem to like what I’m dishing out and I’m more than happy to supply the demand with this upcoming project/album I’m working on.  I’ve been getting compliments from others about what I’ve put out so far and I seem to be getting nothing but positive feedback. *cough cough *hint hint Where are the record labels and music producers?? So far I’ve also come up with all of the songs I’m planning to parody and I’ve even written some of them already. In fact, I have two recorded and I’m planning to shoot a music video for one of these song during winter break. I have yet to hit an obstacle but I’m sure that plenty will be ahead of me in my path to fame. However, some of the other songs are still in progress but are looking good! For example, I’ve decided to parody:

m.A.A.d city- Kendrick Lamar

Bound 2- Kanye West

Headband- B.O.B

R.I.P – Young Jeezy

Gas Pedal – Sage the Gemini

…just to name a few. If you know any of these songs, then you know that 1) they are ridiculously catchy 2) they are also really popular 3) most of them rap about Booty

But I’m all about Remixing the remix and changing up the topics and so far my progress in doing so is looking good. Practice might help, but in the music industry, Progress Makes Perfect. I’m not saying that I’m perfect but sorry Kanye, I think I have you beat when it comes to rapping about other things not related to how great you are.



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