Know Your Roots

Weekly, our class writes morphemes;  which are basically Latin root verbs.  They are the smallest units in language that are the foundation of certain words.  For example, “lig” means to “to choose, to collect,” or “to gather.”  Just the other night I thought to myself that without morphemes, there would be no basis in language.  There would not be any foundation and the language that we know now would be very different.  Consequently, this idea is relatable to family.

Very much like morphemes, I would be torn without my base, my foundation that I look towards for help.  Family, is the foundation to our lives.  Our grandparents, and our grandparents’ grandparents, and our ancestors after that, all make up our family roots.  They all makeup and help create who we are, as individuals, today.

Roots 2

My family, for example, is very tight-knit and we are all independent in our own lives but we are still bound together by blood.  We still care for each other very much and we love one another no matter what.  Being the youngest of my family, I have 3 older siblings who have helped shape and influence me to be the teen I am today.  Since my parents were absorbed with work and tending to things around the house when I was a child, my 3 brothers and sisters were the ones who acted as my second set of parents.  The reason why I try to be hard-working, social, and active in the community is because of them.  I strive each day, to be more and more like them and to be, in a sense, honorable and to be a mature and respectful member of society as well as school.  But I know and hope, that my direct as well as extended family will have my back and be with me through thick and thin.

But, some bases may not be as strong.  Some roots may be parched and have been dehydrated for a very long time.  I don’t know personally, but I understand that many families around the world are torn, or are not as close as they could be.  Sometimes it may be because of bitter hate, members have no time for each other, a traumatic event has occurred between members, or simply because they fell out of touch.  No matter the case, these family members should know that family is valuable.  They may not know it now, but family is a strong bond that can’t ever be harmed or broken by any outside forces.

Roots 3

What should these people do to revive these family roots?  Water these roots.  Do whatever you can to revive your bonds with lost siblings or parents.  What if you or your sibling were to suddenly die tomorrow?  Would you want your bond to be weak by the time you’re gone?  Or do you want it to be the strongest as possible to know that at all costs, in the real life, or the next, that you are BOUND to family wherever and whenever.

So friends and family, the point that I really want to emphasize is that love one another with all your heart.  Family is a strong element in everyday life that is an extremely hard thing to be taken away.  If your bonds with family can never be repaired or patched up, create a new base.  Have friends that are as thick as thieves and can be considered your family be in your foundation.  Know your roots.  But above all, know yourself.

– Nick


3 thoughts on “Know Your Roots

  1. Nick, this is a super cool analogy to morphemes. How you turned a english assignment into a deep, relatable topic. I agree with you on how roots are what builds up the family into blossoming into something bigger and better. Rock on

  2. I believe you’ve done a great job tying both morphemes and your person experience w/ families together. I am the oldest grandchild in my family ( mother’s side) so I never realized what it feels to be the youngest child, but now that I have read your post, I can visualize what it must be like.

  3. Nick, this is REALLY good! You did a very nice job tying the two different topics together. Many can relate to this and hopefully they will be able to see the importance of family just like you do!! (-:

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