Less is More

In my AP English class, we had this twitter activity one day in which we had to summarize The Scarlet Letter in only six words.  Hard, right?  Our teacher called it Lit. in 6.  Has a nice ring to it!  It was an awesome activity.  Not only were we all able to engage ourselves technologically, but we had fun while doing it.  Some were extremely meaningful, while others were hilarious.  No matter the case, Lit. in 6 goes to show that LESS is MORE.

Nowadays, minimalism is the new thing.  Your work doesn’t need to be the most extravagant or the most flashy.  Your work, if anything, should be simple and nice.  If you have something to say, you do not have to go on a ramble about it and talk about it for hours on end.  Cut to the chase.  Get to the point.  Readers do not want to see all of this fluff around your writing.  We would rather see the lean, strong meat of your writing.  Sometimes, people say too much and end up offending others in the process.  Simplicity is KEY. Saying less, but being polite outweighs talking more but being rude.


I’m not saying to shut up and to talk less.  I’m just saying that you should think before you speak or write and to not be flashy.  Don’t be that person!  Less is more!


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