Quest Time

What Time Is It? Quest Time! What in the world is a quest? Well, according to the dictionary, a quest is “a search or pursuit made in order to find or obtain something.” When translated into the world of academics and teaching, a quest is more like a quiz/test rather than an exciting adventure to find treasure. In a way, we’ve been using these “quests” in order to learn and have fun at the same time.tumblr_lpa44hTs6J1r0ote0o1_500

Since the very beginning of the school year our teacher has been giving us these “quests” in order to find the definitions of several “morphemes” which are basically prefixes, suffixes, and root words which we can apply to our common vernacular. I think these mini adventures into the world of words are a great way for us to get a greater understanding of most of the words we don’t know. They help to identify words which we would never have been able to in the first place. Granted that these “quests” are fairly difficult (but in reality, when has an adventurous journey not been difficult) they are very helpful. I know that I’m bound to use these words in the future and I thank my teacher now for leading us on this very informative journey. On this path to enlightenment, knowledge is the only treasure worth looking for. Quest-ing is algebraic! So keep on doing what your doin Mr. Z!large


One thought on “Quest Time

  1. I like how you combined your school life with your interests (adventure time) and used plenty of images that were eye catching. Also, I really enjoy how you are able to see that these assignments are like adventures for knowledge. Have fun with your adventures!

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