What’s Your Beach?

To help prove a point in how to write an introduction paragraph, our English teacher decided to bring in a plate of pickled ginger.  Where’s the sushi right???  He went on to say that our introduction paragraph to an essay, like a piece of pickled ginger, needs to be a palette cleanser.  It needs to cleanse the reader’s mind of any other thoughts and to be simple and persuasive with an opinion to sway these readers.  Great comparison Ziebarth!

Palette Cleanser

But I began to think about life.  Okay, confession, I didn’t really think about life right after I was handed a piece of pink ginger.  But to make my blog post meaningful and heart-felt, let’s just say I reached an epiphany and discovered a life moment right then and there.  I realized that we all need a palette cleanser in life.  Whether it’s after a hard break-up, a stressful day at work/school, or you just want to escape, you’ll need a palette cleanser.  Have fun.  Live life without boundaries.  Have adventures and don’t regret a single action that you do.

Palette cleansing is sort of like those Corona commercials where a person is found to be comfortable at a certain event/place.  At the end of the commercial, “Find your Beach,” pops up.  In a sense, I imagine palette cleansing to be like finding your beach.  Find something that you love to do and keep going at it.  Relieve your stress through this and channel your spirits.  Find something that you could do day in and day out that you will never fall out of love with.  Find your beach.  Find your palette cleanser.

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