Helping Hand

Hello world! I just wanted to make a quick post about helping the community this holiday season. Of course, it is great to help out around your society any time you can, but I highly encourage you all to make an extra effort to help in any way you can throughout this season because it is the season of thanks and gifts. What better way to show how thankful you are than to give back to the less fortunate! Your gift of giving could affect the hearts of many and in turn allow them to be thankful and maybe (just maybe) they’ll give back too, and just like that a chain of helping hands would be formed! How cool would that be?

I wanted to share this article with you are all about a couple who travel around the world in their RV and help homeless people along their way. These two kind-hearted people have helped about “two dozen people get back up one their feet” and their story is truly amazing.

These two people are not only truly caring and wonderful, I get the privilege to call them my “grandparents”. Although we are not blood related, I call them my grandparents because they sponsored my mom and allowed her to come over to the US from Vietnam, offering her a better life and more opportunities. Sadly, I don’t talk to them very often (something I want to change) but while reading their article, I was not one but surprised because it is only natural for them to help others-I mean they did give a great helping hand to my mom.

You don’t need to help someone in the most elaborate of ways, but I encourage you all to do the most you can. Hold a door for a stranger, help someone with grocery bags, serve food at a local shelter, the list is endless.



One thought on “Helping Hand

  1. wow that is seriously amazing how they sponsored your mom over even though they didn’t know her. My relatives are trying to find a way to sponsor their mom over but it is so hard to get that money to bring them over. rock on

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