May the odds be ever in our favor

For our final project in English, my class is not going to take a boring old test. We are going to have a sort of competitive Socratic seminar, called a BRAWL, on The Great Gatsby.

download (2)


In this type of discussion, we are broken into teams of four or five students. Every group has the opportunity to come up with questions about the book that can be used in the BRAWL. There are different types of questions: specifics, comparisons, organization, unusual and theme. We all submit what questions we can come up with to the teacher, and then he compiles the best ones into a document. We are all given the questions and time to prepare to BRAWL.

Although this is only a class discussion, the BRAWL really reminds me of The Hunger Games. There are several strikingly similar features. For example, one person represents a group at a time, like how the tributes represent the various districts. The representatives are also chosen at random like how they are picked at the reaping in the districts.



Of course, the stakes of our class discussion are not nearly as high as in the Hunger Games. Perhaps my nervousness for this discussion has exaggerated it in my mind. Or maybe I’m just a really big fan of Jennifer Lawrence’s work. No matter what it is, I am highly looking forward to the BRAWL and hearing what all the tributes – err, I mean representatives – have to say.

– Karen

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