How I Met Your Gatsby?

In class we’ve been reading, The Great Gatsby, and let me tell you it’s awesome!  Although, I might not understand some parts of it due to the antique jargon, it is still one of the best pieces of American literature in my opinion.  My group in class then brought up the question, “What would The Great Gatsby be like if it wasn’t in Nick Carroway’s perspective?”

Think about it, it WOULD be a lot different if it wasn’t in Nick’s perspective.  Imagine how different the angle would be if the narrator was actually Gatsby.  We would get an inside scoop of Gatsby’s mind and his sight on every situation.  The story would be a lot different right?


Now take this, and imagine of the show, How I Met Your Mother, was in a different perspective.  What if, in fact, Ted Mosby the architect was not our narrator of the show?  Things would be a lot different right?  After this last season of the show, the producers of the show have announced that they are actually creating a spin-off called “How I Met Your Father.”  Instead of Ted Mosby, we’ll get to see the insight of Ted’s wife-to-be under her narration and how she came to meet Ted.

Now you guys are wondering how I’m going to add a life lesson in this right?  Well, turn on your inspirational/life-changing/motivational switch on now because here I go.  Your outlook on life is all about your perspective.  If you’re going to wake up one day and just look at everything negatively, of course everything will turn out bland and horrible for you.  Things won’t turn out great if you’re going to have a bad attitude about it.  That’s why you have to come in with a positive mood.  Don’t go in expecting a C in that class, strive and work hard for that A because you know have the strength and determination within you to do it.  Just believe in  yourself above all and change your perspective on life.



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