I Got Your Back We Can Do This

I’ve been really into Childish Gambino’s music lately.  His emotions.  His beats.  His lyrics.  There is meaning behind every single word he puts in his rap.  Gambino’s songs are not only moving, but they make you think about yourself  as well as your surroundings.  In summary, they are reality checks.

In an up and coming song of his, 3005, Childish Gambino professes his love to his significant other.  He discusses all the toils and hardships that he would go through and how much love he would give to her.  He would pass up hanging out with his friends, he would throw parties for her, he would stay with her forever.  Childish, you’re so deep and mature.


I’m listening to this and I’m thinking about love in general.  I understand how hard it is to keep up relationships  and effort that needs to be given to your teammate in love.  I try to be as realistic as possible when I think of relationships even though my heart tells me otherwise.  I create all these scenarios of how perfect my wife/girlfriend will be.  As much as I want our relationship to be perfect, I know that it won’t be.  I’m not a love guru, but I do know that my special someone will be there with me through everything.  My low times.  My good times.  ‘Til 3005.

Gatsby always loved Daisy and he never stopped.  His whole life was wrapped around her even though they barely even talked to each other anymore.  In essence, Gatsby wanted to go to the past where he and Daisy were once lovers.  He was, as Childish put it, “just scared of the future.”  He was afraid of moving on without Daisy and accepting a future world where she wasn’t in his life.  He wanted things to be perfect as he threw lavish parties just to try and see her.  Even though Gatsby had “a house full of homies, ” he felt “so the opposite.”  Life was bleak without Daisy.   He wanted to be with her forever.  ‘Til 30o5.


Gatsby’s dreams were unrealistic.  In the end, as much as he wanted his dreams to become reality,  Gatsby “lost all hope of a happy ending” as Childish would say.  Daisy was out of reach.

To whom this may concern, love is kind but can also be brutal at the same time.  You must understand that if you get hurt from a tough break-up or separation, it’s all in the process of learning.  Don’t beat yourself up about it because you shouldn’t be down in the dumps.  If anything, you have learned more about yourself and who you really are as a person.  Use it as your fuel, your drive, your vision of a better tomorrow.  Don’t try and look towards the past.  As beautiful as it sounds, moving forward is only another step closer to finding that someone.  Strive to meet that person who will be there for you and will  roll with you through the punches. ‘Til 3005.

– Nick



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