IdeaFM Progress 4

I created a Facebook page for my hide and seek at IKEA and so far it’s getting good feedback.  I set the date to be on January 26th in the afternoon so hopefully it will be successful!  I also put 102.7 KIIS FM’s number on my speed dial as well as a radio clock so I could listen at home when I have the chance.  I know it’ll be hard, but why not try?  Instead of visiting a friend in Washington I have decided to instead find a homeless civilian, preferably at Mile Square Park, and give them a care package.  A blanket, a nice warm meal, socks, a pair of shoes, a beanie/hat, and some smaller snacks like cheez-its.  It’s a good cause and I want that to be really successful.  I’ve also notified my mom that I want to throw my dad a surprise party.  His birthday is February 10th, and the party would be on the 15th of February, a Saturday.  Things are looking up!



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