Just Keep Running

Here it comes. The last leg of the race. It came by a lot quicker than we anticipated and now, it’s finally here. Final exams. (*dramatic music plays in the background)

The school year is a lot like a marathon. Well, what am I saying, I’ve never ran in a marathon before. Okay, the school year is a lot like the dreaded mile that students are forced to run every other  week in middle school. On a side note, I didn’t use to be the fastest kid ever, and let me tell you, I absolutely hated running the mile. I was a little “heavier” back in my middle school years, so running was not my favorite thing to do. Anyways… now that I look back at it, the mile was almost exactly like the school year.

For one, you got your pre-run warm-ups, like your stretches and your breathing exercises, which were completely optional. These parallel the countless hours which you dedicate to studying your material which are completely optional but can only benefit you in the long run. Well when I say optional, I really mean you better do them if you want to pass but no one is forcing you to. If you want to run faster and keep a better pace, you gotta stretch! If you want to pull better grades and be more prepared, you gotta study!



The next part of the mile is the very beginning. That moment of anxiety and anticipation that you can feel in your heart as you line up to start the race is similar to the feeling you get as you begin the school year. And then BANG! All of sudden the whistle blows and you start up in an instant. For me, in both aspects, this was the hardest part. You have to pace yourself and you have to learn how to do things/test the waters. The beginning is where you figure out who will lead for the rest of the year and who will lag behind. In the end, it’s up to you to decide where you want to be on that scale.

The middle of the race is like the middle of the year. You already know what your doing by now and you can afford to make mistakes because you know how to fix them. It becomes easy to relax and talk with friends along the way (but not too much!) and if you ever need help getting motivated, the coach/teacher is right there to push you along.

But then comes finals. The last stretch of the race and possibly the most heart-wrenching, dubious stretch of all. You are tired, you have no will to go on, and you just want to go home and take a nap. You know in the back of your head that this is the moment you have been preparing for and that if you mess up here, it could have dire consequences. You need to pass that finish line. You need to get that grade. And then, after what almost seems like a eternity, you finally pass the finish line. You finally pass your class with flying colors. Finals aren’t as bad as everyone makes them out to be, so just keep running.

Athlete Running Through Finish Line



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