Idea FM: How to Write a Parody

If you’ve been keeping up with my DIY through this blog, then you know that I’m trying to create an album of parodies to several popular current rap songs in the media today. Also, there is the slight chance that you might actually be curious as to what I go through and what I think about during the song writing process. If so, then you’re in luck! If not, well sorry bout it, but you might as well keep reading since you’re already this far into this post. 🙂 Thanks for the support.

Well to keep you up to date, some of the songs I have already written are songs like R.I.P by Young Jeezy (my version being: S.A.T) and m.A.A.d city by Kendrick Lamar (my version being: m.A.A.t city) and several others. But the process that goes into song writing is fairly simple. I’m going to break it down into four simple steps that’ll make it that much easier for you to try something out like this on your own, if you ever have the time.

1. Listen to the actual song as many times as possible.

The reason I deem this so important that it gets its own step, is because it is actually very important. You need to get a feel for the song and know the lyrics, syllables, frequencies, beats, etc… by heart. If you can’t memorize the original, then how do you expect to memorize your own? Or how do you even expect to write it? This step may take some time and getting used to, but once done, it’ll make your song that much better.

2. Begin writing your own song in a rough draft format.

Usually what I do here, is write down whatever comes to mind as soon as it comes to mind while I’m listening to the original. If I like how something sounds at a particular part in the song, I’ll just write it down to save for later. This is your rough draft so let it flow and don’t hold anything back. Let it go! Usually your first instinct is the best one of all. You need to trust you gut feeling and get it all out there before you actually start. There’s always time for refinement later.

3. Refine the lyrics. Add in detail.

Not too long after you write your rough draft will you be jumping right into it. Make sure you’re in an isolated area or somewhere you can think and just get at it. Here you want to be a little more detailed than before and nit-pick every detail to make sure everything fits the way it’s supposed to. Try to avoid contrasting with too much of your rough draft. Some of the best stuff comes from there! But do make sure that syllables fit, the words and phrases make sense, and overall, if it’s gonna be a parody of the song, try to make it creative or funny! Nobody will want to listen to it if its just another boring set of lyrics set to a song they already know. Make your version even better than the original!

4. Record, Record, Record!

No matter what you are using to record, make sure that it can pick up sound very well. You don’t want your music to be scratchy and distorted. Be clear when you are in the process of recording to make sure that your audience will be able to understand your lyrics. And lastly, add your own structural pizzazz. Don’t be monotone for the entire song! Add in some weird sounded words to make the song more memorable and say words differently than you normally would.


All in all, these are the steps I use to get through my song writing/recording process in order to create my grade-A masterpieces. And overall, just have fun with it! As put by one of the greatest parody writers of all time: How can you get bored if the audience is cheering and laughing at something you’re doing? -Weird Al




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