IKEA Hide and Seek

Well we went to go play Hide and Seek at IKEA and it was awesome!  Kris P. Kevin Khoi, Sy, Keith, Kevin, Matt, Monica, and Steven came along and it actually went really well.  We decided to play Sardines instead, which is Hide and Seek reversed where everyone has to find one person, and if they find that one person, they actually hide with them until there is one person looking for everyone else.  We decided to do this in pairs, as my partner was Monica!  We played 3 rounds and hiding around the place was a cool experience.  Along the way, these two creepy guys saw what we were doing and they decided to join us.  No harm, no foul right?  WRONG.  One of them asked for our numbers and we all refused, but Sy decided to give his number to them.  Don’t worry none of us got kidnapped or anything.Nathan and Pj(Pic. of Nathan and PJ)

But anyway, we played a couple more rounds and we actually stumbled upon another group who was also playing Sardines!  Their group had about 15 people and we were going to play with them!  But all of a sudden, a manager or some sort of worker came out and told us that we need to stop playing because IKEA “is not a playground” and that if she found out we were playing again, we would “have a serious problem.”  So we left.  But playing was such an awesome experience!


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