Be You and Be Proud

I stumbled upon this video and I thought it was incredibly inspiring, Often enough, we see pictures of celebrities in magazines or on billboards- looking “perfect”- lowering our self-confidence and our self-esteem. After watching this video, I really realized that no matter how perfect we seem to look, we will never be satisfied, we will always criticize ourselves and pick out our flaws. There is no such thing as perfect. Embrace you and how you are, because there is only one of you, and you are beautiful.

This video is actually the inspiration behind my argumentative topic for my English class’s Columnist Project. In this project, I am to write an argumentative column regarding a topic of my choice. I chose the topic pertaining to the negative influence that media has over the female body image (not to say that male body image isn’t a current problem as well). I  picked this because it seems that wherever I go, I see images of beautiful women plastered all over the media and I notice this concept of beauty relating to a size. Beauty shouldn’t be what you look like, or what you wear, it should be about what you do and how you treat others. I am very passionate about this topic and I hope that I may channel this passion into writing a great column.

Each and every one of you is beautiful in your own way, never forget that.



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