Take It Slow

Lately, in English class we’ve been discussing about senior year and college a lot.  We’ve had a guidance counselor come in and talk to us, we revised our UC Essays and just turned them in.  In addition, we recently read an article regarding the topic of Senior year and how the author feels that Senior year should be abolished as a whole.  He describes of how it’s one whole year of partying and it’s a time where the Seniors are vulnerable and are afraid of moving on into college.  Sure, whatever you say WALTER KIRN (I’m out to get you).

But I’m not going to analyze Walter’s article or talk about that specifically because, truthfully, all of these college-related topics that we are doing in class makes me emotional as I take a look at my high school career in general and think of my future.  It’s honestly scary, thinking about life after all of this, simply because I don’t really know anything outside of Fountain Valley.  Going to college will be the first step in which I will be exposed to independence and freedom.  All of the seniors this year as well as many juniors blindly say “Oh I can’t wait ’til I graduate!”  As I nod in reassurance that my classmates are not alone, I hide the fact that I’m actually afraid of graduating.  I know high school doesn’t last forever and that I shouldn’t live in the past (Special Shoutout to Jay Gatsby) , so I then realized that I need to just take it slow.


I realized to have the knowledge that none of this is going to be the same, and that I should thus absorb all of these great memories and to just love the good times that you’ve had here  and to make most of what I have now.  I want to see the things I need to see, feel the things I need to feel, and just have fun for the remainder of high school.  I want to take look back, and reflect and just take it slow and take everything in, for everything else will unravel on its own.

Attached is a Wong Fu video which reminded me of this blog in the sense that taking it slow is never a bad thing and that life goes on, so just enjoy the simply things

– Nick


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