Nothing Is Stopping You

In everyone’s mind while reading it, they must have been thinking, “Dang, what can STOP this thing?”  No, I’m not talking about stories about Superman, or Batman, or any other superhero of some sort.  I’m actually talking about a turtle.  This turtle, from John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath, can be seen venturing through the scorching environment as blinding dust hits the small reptile and multiple fire ants enter its shell.  But still, it moves on.  The tough turtle will NOT stop under any circumstances and will climb over all of its barriers to get where it wants to go.


We as individuals cannot let anything break us down and tatter us to pieces.  We must be strong and to fight through any circumstance or conflict, simply because we can.  We cannot be intimidated or scared of the future, as that will only make us weaker.  Instead turn this fear into fuel of motivation and power because nothing is stopping you.


As the preacher Jim Casy in the story said, these turtles “work at it and work at it…”  Emulating a work ethic like that can only be beneficial as you truly have to work with dedication and passion.  You just have to keep on swimming and to work diligently.  Love what you do, and do what you love because when the going gets tough, it’s time for YOU to get going and to own it.


Like what Lupita Nyong’o’ recently said over the weekend after receiving the Oscar award for Best Supporting Actress, “Wherever your dreams are, they are valid.”  So what are you doing?  You’ve got no time to waste!  Go out there and kick butt because you know more than anyone else that you can do it.  Be that work horse.  Actually, be that work turtle.

– Nick


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