It’s the Small Things that Really Matter

Today in English class, we did an activity where we annotated and analyzed a picture through the acronym O.P.T.I.C. (Overview, Parts, Title/Text, Interrelationships, Conclusion).  Through the process of using O.P.T.I.C we were able to visualize and dissect the different, smaller aspects and how each aspect played a major role in creating the image as a whole.  All of the luggage tied onto the car, the dusty worn-out wheels, the bunched up family in the car, and the hazy sight of a mountain background all chip in and add to the fact that this family was moving away from the disastrous Dust Bowl in search of a successful life.


How do the small things play a part in what seems to be such a large life that we live?  We always hear the story of Paying It Forward, but when do we actually keep that in mind when we live our everyday lives?  Do we ever stop to realize that every single one of us can make a difference in the world because we make up this enormous world that we live in?  Do we ever discover the idea that one small act of kindness can spark a chain reaction and create a positive environment?  It really is the small acts of kindness that matter in life down the road.  The quote said by Bruce Wayne AKA THE DARK KNIGHT, “It’s not who you are underneath, but what you do that defines you,”  adequately describes the fact it does not really matter how you feel or what you may think, but the small acts of kindness truly make a difference and show how brave you are.  You may put a smile on someone’s face, relieve their stress, or even save their lives if you think of others first.


 We need to make better use of the of O.P.T.I.C to be able to clear up the foggy lenses of the world we live in today.  Not only can we use O.P.T.I.C to analyze images, but we can use these analytical skills to be considerate, caring, and an overall better member of community by paying attention to your surroundings.  Multiple small acts of kindness add up to be nothing less than greatness.  Let’s start this today, and let’s keep this idea forever

– Nick


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