The Power of Love

Love comes in many different forms and sizes.  But what the heck do I know?  I’m just a 16 year-old, pubescent, teenager who only uses the word “love” when talking about fattening, delicious, scrumptious food.  Oh the sheer beauty of a heart-warming yet unhealthy hambu– alright let’s get back on track Nick, FOCUS AND REWARD YOURSELF WITH FOOD LATER.

In-N-Out_dd_aWell hello there, beautiful.

To sum up, I don’t really know what love is.  So what gives me the right to give advice regarding life, love and everything in between?   In this process of blog posts, I’m learning more about myself as well as others through personal experiences as well as just growing up in general.  I don’t know what life is all about, nor do I know how it feels to be truly heartbroken, but I do know what it takes to be the considerate, loving, caring, selfless person that is needed in society.


For these reasons, I greatly appreciate Grapes of Wrath since one of its main, recurring themes in the story is the theme of love and unity.  Throughout the novel, we see characters go out of their own way to help strangers they don’t even know of.  For example, Ivy and Sairy Wilson and the Joads team up and create a symbiotic relationship to depend on each other although they barely even know each other.  Another example could be of how the Joads, specifically Ma and the rest of the elders, decide to allow ex-preacher Jim Casy to join their caravan to California with the knowledge that their group is too crowded.  In addition, without even knowing who was at the door, Ma was willing to serve them food and have them come inside and eat.


These characteristics are what we need to better ourselves individually as well as to better the community around us.  The power that love can do to us is infinite.  Love can defeat all evils.  But most of all, love can cure.  In everyday life, remember to be considerate of others that are close to you and put their needs before yours.  But before putting them before you, you must learn to love yourself above all.  When you learn to love yourself, you learn how to love others.  Be that selfless person that everyone needs in their lives.  Be the difference that we all strive to be.


– Nick


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