It’s All About the Journey

Yesterday, I watched the finale to my favorite show, How I Met Your Mother.  It was a tear-jerker and it really made me sad thinking that the show is finally over after a great 9 years.

Now before I say anything else, I promise I’m not going to spoil the ending for all of you HIMYM fans because I’m simply going to be talking about the “journey” of this show, not the “destination”.  In all of these 9 years building up to meeting Ted’s beloved wife, we realize that this show isn’t necessarily about seeing who this mother is, but it’s in fact watching and enjoying the good times that Ted experienced with his close-knit group of friends.  From season 1 to the very finale, we see how much each character has grown and developed from their past selves and how different things are.  Some viewers may have thought the finale was a rushed episode, but I disagree because we have to remember that this show is in Ted’s perspective and that he cared about the destination, but he cared more of how he reached it with his best friends by his side.  As a result, this ties in to the idea that life is not about making it to that final destination point, but it is how you got there in the first place and the memories that you created in the process.


In Grapes of Wrath, the Joads eventually reach California in search of work after being booted out of their own home.  But, in reality, California is not the main focus of the story.  Yes, it may symbolize dreams and hopes of many migrants from Oklahoma, but the novel is about the conflicts and hurdles the Joads have to face on the way to California as well as the problems they have in California.  It may not be as happy as HIMYM of course, but it does pack the same concept that the final point isn’t everything.



So as you live your everyday life, remember not to try and rush growing up.  Live in the moment and let everything fall into place.  But most of all, enjoy the journey of life.

himym 2

– Nick


One thought on “It’s All About the Journey

  1. I really like this post, and not only because it has to do with HIMYM. I actually didn’t think beyond the superficial aspects of the finale, I was too busy being angry at how it ended. However, what you said is absolutely true and I thank you for this since it allowed me to think of the finale in a different light. It really is about the journey, not the end.

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