The Emperor’s New Standardized Testing

Just recently, I, along with many of my other classmates, have found out that a new testing system will be implemented into our school sometime in the near future and that the class of 2015 gets to be the district’s guinea pigs. As it will come into effect sometime in the near future, another test might quite possibly be added to the rigor of the dreaded, test-filled junior year. Experiencing this first-hand, all I can say to those taking it in future is “Good Luck.” Because honestly, they are going to need it. Throughout this entire week, the junior class has been split up into two separate testing groups and forced to take this tedious and from what I’ve heard, very pointless and difficult test. This new form of testing is supposedly designed to make students smarter or more aware of what their learning? In all seriousness, I have no idea what is going on and that’s what really irks me. It’s not the fact that we have to take the test that upsets me, but the fact that it was sort of just thrown upon us without our consent and that we weren’t really formally informed about what we’re supposed to be doing. I mean why not make high school (which is hard enough as it is) even harder? Well I mean, if the district or whoever came up with this idea wants to implement it into the schools, then it’s going to get implemented. No student reps, no student opinion, no student involvement in the decision, just a decision made by a higher power that we have no control over. But I guess that’s just how the world works. Unless…

To switch gears a bit, I just want to point out that this scenario parallels that of one of my favorite Disney movies, The Emperor’s New Groove, in which we follow the story of the selfish ruler of the Incan Empire, Emperor Kuzco. At the very beginning of the movie, we learn that Kuzco is planning to build a large extravagant summer home called Kuzcotopia. (which isn’t at all conceited) However, in order to do so, there’s one little caveat. He wants to build said mansion on the site of a village, home to hundreds of poor families and farmers barely scraping by. And guess what? Kuzco doesn’t take into account the villager’s opinions on the matter. It’s all about what he wants. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?


Well, I’m not going to go into the whole story in detail, but basically, it takes him getting turned into a llama and several near death experiences alongside the village leader, Pacha, for him to realize how self-absorbed and egocentric he is and for him to finally listen to what the villagers have to say.

Now as interesting as it sounds to start turning people into llamas, I believe that through the trial and error of these tests and future discrepancies, it’s possible that the students’ voices will be heard. If it takes more than that, which it quite possibly will, standing up to whomever is executing this standardized testing, is something I would possibly consider. For any situation, whether it involves the district or Emperor Kuzco, I strongly believe that it’s important to take into account every possible opinion. Even if that means asking the little people. But until then…

llama crying kuzco



3 thoughts on “The Emperor’s New Standardized Testing

  1. I really like the way you incorporated the Emperors New Groove into your rant about SBA Testing and it works well because it really demonstrates how the students feel. This remix post was remixed well which made it interesting to read.

  2. The sarcasm in your post is outstanding. Because I loved The Emperor’s New Groove, I just had to click on this post because the BOOM BABY image was so eye catching and funny and reminds me so much of when I was a kid and watching disney movies. I really like how you connected our SBA experiences with Pacha’s and the villagers because it really IS important that everyone’s opinions are taken into account, so good job on this post, it was awesome 😀

  3. Im pretty sure it was the states decision to have these tests. Besides, it would be a waste of time to get a bunch of high schooler’s opinions on taking a test. Who would say yes to “Do you guys want to take a 2 hour test every morning for a week”. It was pretty new and difficult in some ways though and hopefully they at least listen to high schooler’s responses to the test and make changes for next year.

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